Da Vinci Bodyboard

In just four years, Da Vinci Bodyboard has become internationally recognized with locations in spas, clubs, and studios from Los Angeles to London, Miami to Tokyo.

Our Philosophy

The Da Vinci BodyBoard is a unique approach to fitness.
While simple in its set-up and design, the BodyBoard system offers a fun and adjustable workout for a wide range of abilities. The unique structure and varied framework of exercise options set people up for success and long-term commitment.
Through high-intensity interval training, the BodyBoard program features one-minute intervals with a 22-second rest in-between exercises. Each exercise is designed to tone muscles, connect smaller muscles and connective tissue, and balance the body to create full body integrity.
In a transformational half hour, the whole body is worked with strength training, cardio, and stretching. We believe that being healthy and fit is an achievable lifestyle.

Real Motion is the Master Distributor for Europe.

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