Senso® Balance hedgehog set of 2 – 16 cm


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Product Description

An air-filled hemisphere – made in Germany – made of ruton with comfortable knobs and a needle valve for air regulation. The material ruton is odorless and very resilient (up to 200kg), it is latex-free and consists of 100% recyclable plastic.

What does the application do?
Coordination, a sense of balance, flexibility and body awareness are promoted by the unstable surface for young and old. The ankle joint and the arch of the foot in particular are trained, especially in the area of ​​the foot and leg axis training. The leg axis trainer set ensures that children enjoy moving around and helps to avoid boredom.

How does it work
The Senso Balance Hedgehog is delivered as a set of 2 together with exercise instructions. As an unstable surface for the one-legged stand, in the four-legged stand or as part of a course, it can be used in numerous ways. The air filling and the curvature create a “wobbly” surface. In order to bring about the necessary compensatory movements, the brain has to target the right deeper muscles. These connections are particularly well promoted by the Senso Balance Hedgehog.

“For my children, exercise instructions are actually superfluous. The Senso Balance hedgehogs are barely unpacked and arranged into a course and there are no limits to the imagination. Barefoot is balanced over the hemispheres, the pimples tingling pleasantly in the soles of the feet how the receptors are stimulated. For me as an adult, on the other hand, the instructions serve with very interesting exercise suggestions. Whether the four-legged position, the side position or the one-legged position, such exercises are a real challenge on the Balance Hedgehog. It is good to know, especially with direct skin contact that the product does not contain any heavy metals or prohibited plasticizers and is manufactured in Germany according to the highest quality standards. ”

Technical specifications:
Dimensions: approx. 16 and 18.5 cm
Weight: approx. 760 g
Load capacity: approx. 200 kg

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