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We would like to welcome you at fitness Star

Our vision is to create an Ultra Club with main philosophy the ultimate satisfaction of our members, offering exceptional Health and Beauty services. Our effort is to change the lives of our members, creating ideal conditions for safe and scientific exercise, and our commitment is to succeed the personal goals of each one.

Basi Systems

My Dear Pilates Friends,

I founded Body Arts and Science International® (BASI Pilates) in 1989 as a curriculum-based education company for aspiring teachers of the Pilates method. I have always viewed Pilates as a system of movement that can enhance every aspect of one`s life.

In it’s essence BASI embraces contemporary science and knowledge while remaining true to the original teachings of Joseph and Clara Pilates. The name, BASI, represents a balance of art and science both in our movement and in our relationship with the apparatus with which we partner. It has been a dream of mine to design equipment that exemplifies the BASI approach – combining modern science and materials and a contemporary aesthetic with the classical designs of Joseph Pilates. An underlying theme of BASI Systems® Pilates equipment is to perpetually strive toward achieving a perfect balance of form and function (F2). This has become known as the F2 System®.

BASI Systems® introduces innovations that fully facilitate the precision and flow of movement inherent in the BASI approach. BASI education challenges students to continually broaden their horizons and reach for their inner greatness. Now BASI Systems® will further facilitate this goal. Evolution is a necessary process and an integral part of inspiring the continuous search and discovery of strength, grace and ultimate well-being.

Rael Isacowitz
Founder, BASI Pilates

Introducing A New Era In Indoor Cycling Featuring the Stationary Bike That Tilts & Leans

RealRyder® is a completely new kind of fitness equipment that is revolutionizing the world of indoor cycling.

With ordinary stationary bikes, you just sit and don’t engage your core. The RealRyder® gives you a stationary bike ride that’s anything but stationary.

  • Engage more muscles than you would on a traditional indoor bike
  • Work your core more than you would on a regular indoor bike
  • Burn more calories
  • Overcome boredom with a more fun and dynamic riding experience

REAL MOTION is the official distributor for South East Europe and Turkey.

We are the leading European manufacturer of professional leading equipment with over 50 years in the market. The beginning of SALTER date back to 1947.

Our product portfolio covers a wide range of fitness and rehabilitation equipment for professional and domestic training can meet the needs of all types of user profile.

All our products are under a range of services that translate into added value for our customers and end users. The extensive commercial network allows SALTER presence in the main international markets.

PURMOTION performance training products are designed to allow the user to perform exercises in an unrestricted manner. Using the body as a whole integrated unit to perform functional strength training exercises that emphasize multi plane movements that recognize the need for core strength and stabilization.

Whether training for sports, fitness, or better quality of life, our products provide an efficient, unrestricted, and pure method to help achieve your sport performance and fitness related goals. Please browse our website to learn more about our philosophies and visit our online store to purchase many of our unique training products.

Real Motion is the Master Distributor for Europe.

O’LIVE FITNESS is designed in Barcelona and offers a wide range of products for the main categories within the Fitness industry such as: Body Mind, Combat, Free Weight, Performance, Speed and Agility, Studio and Training Zones.

We also provide the necessary support to the industry by providing training sessions and educational programs with the best leaders in the industry.

Our passion is to provide “the best solutions for the fitness industry”

real motion - the functional company real motion - the functional company real motion - the functional company