AquaFit Platform


AquaFit Platform

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The Aquafit Board is a training platform that offers a new, dynamic and fun way to exercise. Its main characteristic is its rigidity, along with its ability to float on water. The AquaFit Board allows different types of training such as Functional Training, Pilates or Yoga. Easy to transport, it can be used in both outdoor and indoor pools. The training with the AquaFit Board is done with the constant instability of the board over the water providing neuromuscular improvements from the first moment. It contains:

• 1 Board

• 2 fastening straps with carabiners

• 1 transport belt

• 1 repair kit

Material: Non slip EVA 3mm
Surface dimensions: 168 X 66
Total dimensions: 200X80X10 cm
Weight: 9kg,
Max. user weight: 150 Kg