Dynair Wedge Ballkissen Premium


Dynair Wedge Ballkissen Premium

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Ενισχύστε τους μύες της πλάτης σας καθώς κάθεστε. Αυτό το προϊόν είναι χωρίς λατέξ και άρωμα, άοσμο, ανθεκτικό στο νερό, ανθεκτικό στην τριβή και κατασκευάζεται στη Γερμανία.

Το Dynair Premium Wedge Ballkissen χρησιμοποιείται για τη δημιουργία μιας άνετης και πιο χαλαρής καθιστικής θέσης κατά την πληκτρολόγηση, τη γραφή ή απλά  όταν είστε καθισμένος σε ένα γραφείο.


Perfect solution for everybody who has to sit all day long and and suffers from back pain. One side with round, soft Senso nubs, one side with velvety-smooth surface.

Easy to use on (nearly) every chair in the office, at home or on journey. The air-filled Dynair® Wedge Ballkissen® Comfort – made in Germany – is made of even softer and more comfortable foamed material. The renewed shape of the cushion got an additional integrated relief zone in the center.

The Dynair Comfort makes the user sit in a active and dynamic way with balance effect at the same time. It is an ergonomic shaped and adjustable air cushion. Small unconscious movements are steadily necessary and lead to more balance and training of the deeper stabilizing back musculature. This can relieve back pain and support more upright position during a long work day. The Dynair Comfort is an ideal combination of air-filled ball and wedge cushion in one tool.

Technical details:
Size: approx. 36 x 37 cm
Material: foamed Ruton
Load capacity: up to max. 150 kg

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