Power Rack F-1021/50


Power Rack F-1021/50

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Τα  cages της SALTER ξεχωρίζουν για τα πολλαπλά οφέλη τους.

Οι ενισχύσεις στη κατασκευή του προσφέρουν μεγάλη αντοχή και σταθερότητα.

Οι ράβδοι ασφαλείας επιτρέπουν την προπόνηση με μεγάλα εξωτερικά φορτία  με πλήρη ασφάλεια.

Οι αριθμητικοί δείκτες στις στήλες (24 θέσεις) επιτρέπουν μια γρήγορη και άνετη ρύθμιση.

Διαθέτει πλατφόρμα στήριξης και λαβές στο πάνω μέρος για ασκήσεις πλάτης.

Professional use

Designed to withstand the most intense use at gyms and sports centres.

European manufacturing

Our ESSENCE line is designed and manufactured in Europe with the best materials and quality standards.



Support platform

It has a raised platform for safety aids during high intensity training.



Support for bars

The standard equipment includes supports for adjustable bars in different positions, all of which have a numerical indicator.



Anti-rust treatment

Our machines receive a special treatment that guarantees to avoid rust problems caused by sweat and humidity.


Pull-up bar included

The structure incorporates a pull-up bar as standard, which gives you more workout options.

Extra accessories

The structure can be optionally equipped with a wide range of accessories to give you more workouts.



SALTER power cages stand out for their great benefits.

The reinforcements in its structure offer great robustness and stability to the whole.

The safety bars allow work with large loads of weight with full guarantee.

The numerical indicators in the columns (24 positions) allow a quick and comfortable adjustment.

The models F-1020 and F-1021, in addition, are provided with support platform and grips in the upper area for suspension exercises.

Technical sheet at: F-1021-50 ESSENCE – eng

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