Alassia NewShips Corporate Gym


Our Company’s roots go back to the establishment of Alassia Steamship Company Ltd. in 1965. The business has always aspired to offer risk-averse, high-quality ship management services and to build strong relationships with top class counterparties.

Our mission is to combine experience with innovation in creating long term relationships with corporate partners and with motivated, professional and well-trained seafarers and shore personnel, while proactively promoting safety at sea, protection of human life and of the environment.

Thus, we proceed fully equipped to provide holistic services to the Maritime industry, with an innovative mindset and sustainable solutions, ready to face the environmental chalenges ahead.

  • Freemotion Fitness, Salter Fitness, O'live Fitness
  • 138 Dionysou Str, 151 24 Maroussi, Athens, Greece
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