Ananti City Resort Trikala

Built on the top of a hill, only three and a half kilometers from Trikala’s vibrant city center, Ananti City Resort is a 5* hotel with breathtaking, haunting views that embrace the plain of Thessaly and the surrounding areas.

At a privileged location and within close distance from famous tourist destinations, such as Meteora, Pertouli, Elati and Plastira Lake, the hotel ideally combines the comforts of a modern city hotel with the relaxing atmosphere and the great facilities of a resort.

Designing the Fitness Club, we had in mind to curate an entire ecosystem of health and wellness for guests, offering a unique experience worthy of the hotel’s services, but also of the amazing spa that operates in its facilities.

By partnering with Freemotion and iFIT, guests staying at The Ananti City Resort can access tens of thousands of live and on-demand workouts, led by more than 180 top professional athletes, gold-medal Olympians, celebrity coaches, and more. As their iFIT trainer automatically adjusts their incline, decline, speed, and/or resistance on their cardio machine, guests are virtually transported to the world’s most breathtaking destinations.

The Fitness Club is also equipped with GENESIS DS line. Our dual-stations machines giving twice the cable-strength power in one modest footprint, various training options with seated and standing positions and unrestricted range of motion for users of various fitness levels.






  • Freemotion Fitness
  • Loggaki, Trikala 42175
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