Dangelo Villa Majestic, Mykonos

Dangelo Villa Majestic is a unique, secluded getaway standing only 5 mins from the epicenter of the island. This newly built villa has a breathtaking pool area surrounded by a beautiful, luscious garden. This spacious designed Villa is located minutes away from the famous Nammos and Scorpios and is only 4 km from the island center. Villa Dangelo features 6 individual suites spanning two levels, each with its own lavish en-suite which may accommodate up to 12 guests. The villa has private jacuzzi on the upper floors and a state-of-the-art common lounge and dining area on the lower level that opens out onto a commanding view of the property. Surrounding the structure is a full-size pool with a clear view of the Mediterranean, and landscaping designed to match the island’s natural beauty – all combined to enhance the lavishness and privacy on site.

This villa is ideally designed to meet all the high standards, as every guest has their own private suit.

Location: Foumia, 84 600, Mykonos

  • Foumia, 84 600, Mykonos
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