Cali Mykonos


In a region untouched by humans since antiquity, Cali is a secluded escape where ancient and modern meet. A place for profound peace or exhilarating adventure guided by your wants or whims.

Inspired by Calliope, the Greek Goddess of music, song, and dance, Cali Mykonos began with a vision to create a sanctuary for renewal and awakening that celebrates the abundant beauty of the island and local traditions with modern comforts.


Meeting modern requirements and exceeding expectations for Mykonos, Athlesis by Cali provides guests with unique fitness opportunities throughout the resort, from the private beach to the state-of-the-art gym.

Athlesis at Cali.

Athlesis, a renowned Athens-based fitness studio founded in 2015, has built its reputation by offering clients innovative programs that are established in fundamentals and incorporate the latest methods.

The Athlesis Team, awarded Best Boutique Gym in 2020 and Best Boutique Luxury Gym in 2022, provides personal and group fitness services by the pool, in-room on private terraces, and in the gym.

Cali Mykonos wellness club is fully equipped by Freemotion Fitness, Salter Fitnes and BASI Systems eqquipment!

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  • Freemotion Fitness, BASI Systems, Salter Fitness
  • Kalafati, 846 00 Mykonos, Greece
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